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Charter Community School K-6

Mission Statement

Charter Community School (CCS) fosters the development of our k-12 students academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. CCS provides a 21st century academic environment that challenges students to maximize their success and prepares them to transition into the workforce and higher education. The CCS program builds:


  • Respect for self and others, emphasizing empathy, compassion, and tolerance
  • Responsibility and Accountability for academic and personal choices
  • Resourcefulness, problem solving, and creativity in developing individual academic plans and positive life skills

Charter Community School K-6 provides a high quality alternative education program for at-risk students in elementary school up to grade six. The program builds upon student strengths and assets while identifying and developing areas of need. The program is designed so that students will be successful, even though they have had difficulty meeting the behavioral, social, and academic standards necessary thrive in a traditional school setting. A low student to teacher ratio is maintained to ensure improved behavior and academic performance through positive reinforcement, individual attention, and clear consequences. An individual learning plan is carefully developed and followed for each students. Communication and partnership with parents are central elements of the program.

The curriculum centers on the California State Content Standards while instruction takes into account individual needs and learning styles. The ultimate goal is to effectively transition students back to their school or district of origin with a concrete plan for success.



Students may enroll in our program throughout the year. Please call 530-295-2259 for more information.


James Woods, Director

 6767 Green Valley Rd
 Placerville, CA 95667

 Ph:  (530) 295-2259
 Fax: (530) 642-0492

Calligan, Mary
Friedberg, Catie
Maseuli, Denise
Special Education Teacher
Thill, Tracie
Instructional Leader II
Woods, James